"Create a Net Sheet for the Denver Area." - Susan Demo
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Net Sheet Report
Close Date: Friday, July 25, 2014

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* STEP 1 - Enter Seller's Information

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1st Loan Amount:
1st Note Rate: %

2nd Loan Amount:
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Annual Tax:

* STEP 2 - Enter Broker Fees

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Co-op Fee %: %

*LAST Step - Enter Contract Information

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Sponsor Contact Information

"Create a Net Sheet for the Denver Area." - Susan Demo

Contact: Susan Demo
Phone Number: (303) 695-89xx
Email: Firendly@dtc.com
Web Site: www.dtc.com

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1. Upload to the 'Cloud' your professional image.
2. Fill in Broker Information and save 'Broker Information' to your device.
3. Tab through Steps 1-4, entering only the information that applies to your transaction.
( Always 'Tab or Enter' after entering information to send that info to the server.)
4. Enter property address.
5. Make any edits needed or add charges / credits.
6. Click 'PRINT Net Sheet' and save the PDF file to your client file.
7. Save transaction to one of three temporary savable channels for future use.

Browser must accept 'Cookies', thats where your saved transactions are kept.
Cleaning your browser's cookies removes any saved information.
Tab before clicking a 'Save to File' button.
Printing a report automatically saves that transaction to the 'Last Net Report' file.
Save your created PDF net sheet to your clients file on your computer.
Be sure you understand and agree with the report.

* Please Note: This free Cloud application requires no username or password. All saved transaction information is placed in your device's 'Cookies' folder. For best results, clean your device's 'Cookies' from time to time and reset your program to insure that your 'Cookie' folder is not full.

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Program Information

Company: MainSale Software, LLC
Email: TechSupport@MainSaleReports.com
Web Site: www.NetSheetsOnline.com