Agent Calculators - Product Demo - Prorated for Colorado

Vendors, add 'Agent Calculators' to your marketing mix. Keep your agents tuned in to your business by offering this critical tool.
Real estate agents appreciate the high quality reports and easy-to-read interface.
Control your site's dialog plus have your closing costs used for net sheet calculations.

Net Sheet PDF Maker
Close Date: Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Agent Calculators - Product Demo - Prorated for Colorado

Contact: Susan Demo
Phone Number: (303) 695-89xx
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1. Click 'CREATE Net Sheet' & enter 'Sales Price' and 'Close Date'
( Always 'Tab' after entering information to send that info to the server.)
2. Enter property address.
3. Tab through fill-ins entering only needed information. Click 'Print Net' at any time.
4. Be sure to review check boxes to add and edit any charge.
5. Click 'Save' to save the transaction as a 'cookie' in your 'cookie' folder.

Be sure you understand, can explain and agree with the report.

Browser must accept 'Cookies'.
Cleaning your browser's cookies removes any saved information.
Go slowly to allow the server to keep up.
Clicking 'Print Net' automatically saves to the 'Last Printed Net Sheet' file.
Save your created PDF net sheet to your clients file on your computer.
Never work from a 'stale' screen, always clear first.
When working properly the Net Proceeds will re-calculate with every change made.

* Please Note: This free Cloud application requires no username or password. All saved transaction information is placed in your device's 'Cookies' folder. For best results, clean your device's 'Cookies' from time to time. That will RESET your program and insure that your 'Cookie' folder is not full.

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Program Information

Company: MainSale Software, LLC
Web Site: