...with this cloud-based marketing system that cultivates win-win relationships between vendors and real estate agents.

Real Estate AGENTS: create a professional PDF Net Sheet to use in your business.

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Oh, you have a net sheet calculator? Ten Reasons why net sheet calculators don't work.

* Why This System Works *

# Reports showcase the real estate agent, not the vendor.

# Professional, easy-to-read reports help establish the agent's expertise.         

# Customary charges are preset - no tedious filling in the blanks.

# Taxes, insurance, and fees are automatically prorated to the date of closing.

# Agents appreciate the easy-to-produce reports that make them look great.

# Reports can be accessed from any internet location for easy convenience.

# Creates the perfect opportunity for vendors to dialog with clients regularly.

# Povides an invaluable tool for agents when they're closing a deal.

# is a low cost program that delivers high impact results.

* Our Reports *

Seller's Net Sheet PDF Report                  Seller's Net Range PDF Report

# Easy to Use - intuitive interface

# Fully Automatic - no line-item entry needed               

# Line Item Editable - easy to add debits / credits

# Escrows and prorations are calculated to date of closing 

# Transactions can be saved for easy recall

# Vendor closing costs can be embedded into the program

# Minimum input required for detailed, professional reports

# Reliability.  25 years of experience calculating net sheets for real estate agents

* Title Reps and Loan Officers *

# Offer this premium net sheet calculator that will actully get used.

# Help agents grow their business with this invaluable tool that makes them look great.

# Be available to your agents on their own terms and timeline.

# Take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology without paying the "big box" price.

* Real Estate Companies *

# Standardize your agent's net sheet reports with your company logo and agent photo.

# Have your company's in-house closing costs embedded in your web application.

# Great resource to help your agents close their deals.

 # Good practice for companies to ensure quality control.

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